Huffer: Rapidly build Ember.js applications with Grunt

Been working with Ember.js last month, and also tried to find a sane way of organizing my code and a decent build/test system using Grunt.

The result is Huffer: http://fahad19.github.io/huffer/


GruntJS plugin for stitch-extra

I am currently going through the process of learning Ember.js, and finally finding a sane way of structuring the app and a build system with Grunt. And for that needed a plugin for stitching files. So I wrote one:



stitch-extra v0.4.0 released

This is a small update to the stich-extra node module.

Now it is possible for you to know what modules are available to you in the browser by doing require('modules'). And it will return an array with all available module IDs.

This is an optional feature, but a very handy one if you want to loop through a list of modules IDs and load them under a specific global variable. Think of Ember.js window.App where all your Route classes go to.

You can enable it when defining a package by passing listModules option to true: https://github.com/fahad19/stitch-extra/blob/v0.4.0/test/test_stitch.coffee#L28

npm: https://npmjs.org/package/stitch-extra GitHub: https://github.com/fahad19/stitch-extra